Megan McCook

a working artist

Blonde Mermaid with a Jellyfish.

Blonde Mermaid with a Dolphin

joy to the fishes in the deep, blue that tune!

I have been creating my mermaid girls for years.....each one is handcut, sanded, primed, created and polyurethaned....for a whimsical piece of art for that mermaid fanatic!  You have the hard decide....redhead, blonde, brunette....turtles, dolphin, seashells, jellyfish, seahorse.......each girl is unique....just like you.  Custom orders are just fine and shipping is also no problem.  Each mermaid is about 32 inches long and usually about 12 inches wide.  Hanger and wire on back.

$135.00 each plus $12.00 shipping right to your doorstep!