Megan McCook

a working artist

don't worry about a thing, every little thing gonna be alright.

My 'pre-raphaelite' angel.  Sometimes I like to paint very stylized and a bit different from my regular style.  This angel has bronze dots and accents to let her shine. 12' x 12'  $65.00

Mermaids on 6" x 6" gallery wrap canvas.  These are such cool little canvases because you can hang them up in a group or set one on a bookshelf. I always love to place art where you are not used to seeing it.  Makes more of a presentation!  I can custom paint hair color, background color....what ever you have invisioned!  Each canvas $40.00

Great fun painting this marlin.  I added all kinds of groovy color and then painted some glitter on as an accent. 20 x 24' on canvas. $175.00

I just love this painting.  It's just....well....out there. Very powerful yet he will listen to your side kind of feel to it.  I painted it when I needed a strong force behind me.  24" x 30" acrylic on gallery wrap canvas.  $350

I paint what calls me......sea turtles to Budah to cows to flamingos to marlins to angels.  I offer no excuses.  I paint because it brings me joy. Have you ever been in that 'zone' of creativity where nothing else matters?  That is where I go when I paint and I love boys didn't love it growing up, whats for dinner? Dinner? Oh man...... a bowl of raisen bran?  They all are really good cooks now. 

This original has been sold. Glicee prints are now available!  The glicee is 8" X 17" x 2"deep. Ready for hanging!  $ 75.00